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The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong, Its population is 2964007 as per the 2011 census. The state covers an area of 22,429 sq km, Khasi, Bengali, Garo, Hindi, English are the main languages of Meghalaya.

List of Districts in Meghalaya
District Total Population(2011) Total Village
East Garo Hills 317917 1110
East Khasi Hills 825922 975
Jaintia Hills 395124 537
Ribhoi 258840 635
South Garo Hills 142334 804
West Garo Hills 643291 1663
West Khasi Hills 383461 1115
Fact of Meghalaya
Official Website
Date of Formation 1972-01-21
Area 22,429 sq km
Density 132/Km2
Population (2011) 2964007
Males Population (2011) 1492668
Females Population (2011) 1471339
No. of District 11
Capital Shillong
Rivers Khasi, Pnar, Garo. Sanda, Daring, Bhogai, Bandra, Simsang, Dareng, Bhupai, Nitai
Forests & National Park Balpakram NP, Nokrek NP Siju Bird Sanctuary, Nongkhyllem WS
Languages Khasi, Bengali, Garo, Hindi, English
Neighbours State Assam
State Animal Clouded Leopard
State Bird Hill Myna
State Tree Gamari
State Flower Lady Slipper Orchid
Net State Domestic Product (2011) 50427
Literacy Rate (2011) 0.9158
Females per 1000 males 986
Assembly constituency 60
Parliamentary constituency 2

Map of Meghalaya

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