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Khammam is a district in the Telangana state of India. Khammam has a population of peoples. There are houses in the district. Here, list of all sub-district / tehsils / blocks / C.D.Blocks in Khammam district of Telangana state, which have population and total number of village.
Populations and Households in Khammam
# Rural Urban Total
Male Population
Female Population
list of all sub-district / tehsils in Khammam
Sub-District Total Population(2011) Total Village
Bonakal 18
Chintakani 16
Enkoor 16
Kalluru 27
Kamepally 19
Khammam Rural 28
Khammam Urban 9
Konijerla 64
Kusumanchi 30
Madhira 25
Mudigonda 23
Nelakondapalli 30
Penuballi 27
Raghunadhapalem 15
Sattupally 24
Singareni 14
Thallada 24
Tirumalayapalem 31
Vemsoor 21
Wyra 22
Yerrupalem 29

Map of Khammam

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